A Simple Lifestyle Change You Can Make to Help Protect the Environment

How to Be More Eco Friendly

Right now everyone is trying their best to help with environmental issues (well everyone except Donald Trump). But, unfortunately, it’s not always practical to make every eco-friendly switch available. Let’s be honest: some changes can be a big inconvenience on our daily routines. However, there is one small action that we can all take, and it will definitely have a positive impact on the planet…

Stop purchasing single-use bottles of water and switch to a reusable filter bottle instead.

A staggering 7.7 billion single-use plastic water bottles end up in the sea or in landfill sites every year*. That’s a shocking statistic. And the problem is so easy to address: simply switch to a more sustainable, reusable option.

I’ve actually been trying to cut down my consumption of bottled water all year, and have become more mindful about taking a reusable bottle with me I’m on the go. I’ll admit, I don’t always remember. But I’m actively trying to form the habit so it becomes second nature. And the brilliant BRITA fill&go bottles make it a lot easier.

Eco Friendly Reusable Water Bottle
BRITA Fill&Go Bottle

7.7 billion single-use plastic water bottles end up in the sea or in landfill sites every year

BRITA Filter Bottle
BRITA Fill&Go Bottle

BRITA’s fill&go bottles filter water as you drink, so they’re cost effective, practical and eco-friendly. Instead of purchasing a single-use bottle of water on your lunch break, or before you head to the gym, just keep your fill&go bottle in your bag and fill it up with tap water whenever you get thirsty. This, to me, is the biggest selling point because I hate lugging around heavy bottles of water. And with the fill&go bottle you can commute to work with it completely empty and fill it in your office kitchen. You need to change the fill&go filter once a week, but that is the only upkeep.

And, if you feel like getting extra fancy, you can also infuse your water with lemon, lime, cucumber, mint, ginger, berries… whatever you feel like. I love drinking infused water during the summer, as it’s so refreshing. Classic lemon, lime and mint is my favourite combination. But I’m also keen to try grapefruit and rosemary – apparently it tastes amazing!

Easy Way to Be More Eco Friendly

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BRITA are really committed to reducing the number of single-use plastic bottles we consume, and have just teamed up with Henry Holland and Lily Cole to launch the #SwapForGood campaign. Henry has designed two limited edition slogan T-shirts (reading “don’t be a waster” and “single use plastic is never fantastic”), and all profits will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

And, the best part is, the T-shirts are made from recycled plastic bottles! An average of seven wasted plastic bottles were turned into yarn and mixed with salvaged organic cotton to create each tee. They’re £30 each, and you can purchase them at houseofholland.co.uk.

Have you also been making an effort to cut down on your consumption of single-use plastic bottles this year? And what other efforts are you making to be more environmentally friendly in 2017? Leave a comment below to have your say…

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* OnePoll research by BRITA in 2016

Photos by Victoria Metaxas


  1. I’m always going for strawberry and mint – highly recommend 🙂

  2. cocos_tea_party says:

    I’m not 100% sure, because I don’t have a dishwasher. But I seem to remember reading that they are. I’d double-check on their website before purchasing though. x


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