The Trick to Getting Under Eye Concealer Right

How to Hide Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark under eye circles have got to be one of life’s most annoying beauty concerns, am I right ladies? I’ve struggled with them since my early teens (they’re just an annoying symptom of my bone structure and colouring), and there isn’t much you can do to combat them other than invest in a great concealer.

But disguising discolouration with makeup is a skill that can take years to learn, and at times it feels like I’ve spent the best part of my twenties attempting to hide dark circles. I only fell into a routine that I feel completely confident with this year, and I now feel far less insecure about my panda eyes. Here are the four steps I follow, day in, day out, when concealing dark under eye circles…

Step One: Prep the Skin

After your morning cleanse, apply your chosen moisturiser and then take a teeny-tiny dot of Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and gently pat it into the under eye area with your ring finger. This not only protects against signs of ageing but also preps the skin for makeup, allowing a smoother, line-free finish when you apply concealer. Obviously there are hundreds and thousands of eye creams out there to chose from, but I’ve yet to discover a formula that trumps Bobbi Brown’s classic. It sits nicely under makeup, is cooling and refreshing on the skin and each jar lasts for ages!

Step Two: Colour Correct

Once your eye cream has sunk into the skin, apply Bobbi Brown Corrector with a flat concealer brush, covering any patches of discolouration. This will immediately reduce any purplish/red tones under the eyes and make your concealer more effective. There are 16 corrector shades in the Bobbi Brown collection, so I definitely recommend visiting your local counter to make sure you’re using the right colour for your skintone. And, if you’re only going to invest in one product mentioned in this post, this would be the one. It’s an absolute essential!

Step Three: A Touch of Concealer

You’ll find that once you start using a corrector you don’t actually need to apply much concealer, because dark circles will look less intense. So try to stick to Bobbi Brown’s rule of 70% corrector and 30% concealer. Look straight ahead into a mirror and place small dots of concealer onto any areas that are still showing discolouration, then blend out gently with fingers, a concealer brush or a Beauty Blender sponge. I use Nars Creamy Concealer on days when I want maximum coverage, and the Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher when I don’t have as much to hide.

Step Four (optional): Highlight

Both the Nars Creamy Concealer and Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher brighten as well as concealer, but on days when you feel particularly panda-eyed reach for a highlighter. I like to dab a little of Le Blanc De Chanel into the arch of my brows and in the corner of my eyes to reflect the light and create a more open, awake look.


Are dark under eye circles one of your beauty concerns too? Which products do you swear by? Leave a comment or tweet me at @cocosteaparty to have your say…

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  • Everyone seems to love that Bobbi Brown eye cream so I can’t wait to try that one. Great tips!


    • cocos_tea_party

      It really is a life saver!