Hailee Steinfeld Poses For ELLE UK’s September 2013 Issue

Have you seen photos of Hailee Steinfeld at the Teen Choice Awards yet? She looked amazing, wearing a red and navy print House of Holland dress – if you missed it click here for photos. I’ve been a big fan of Hailee’s style ever since she burst onto the scene, during awards season 2011. Surprisingly it’s been three years since Hailee last had a movie in cinemas; but she has six films scheduled for release this fall, and a further five on the calendar for 2014! So she’s back on the promo trail, currently doing publicity for Romeo and Juliet. And, as part of her press duties, the 16-year-old Oscar nominee posed for ELLE UK‘s September issue. I urge you to pick up a copy, as Hailee’s 10-page editorial is beautiful. Here’s a sneak peak…

Hailee Steinfeld ELLE UkIMG_1473

Hailee also sat down and spoke to ELLE UK about her role in Romeo and Juliet, in which she plays Juliet. I’m a huge fan of the Baz Luhrmann 1996 version, so can’t quite get my head around the most recent adaptation. Especially as Tybalt is played by Ed Westwick. Chuck Bass as Tybalt?! It’s so confusing. Anyway, here’s the trailer, so take a look if you haven’t seen it already.

Are you excited to see Hailee Steinfeld back on the scene? Do you like her ELLE UK September shoot? And what do you make of the latest Romeo and Juliet adaptation? As always, leave a comment and let me know…

Haile Steinfeld ELLE UK photos by Thomas Whiteside, scans thefashionspot.com
  • Mar

    I will definetely be watching the movie – loved the trailer. I’m so looking forward to see Ed in a role other than Chuck Bass, he seems really great in the video. I haven’t seen any movie with Hailee yet but she seems like a really good actress. And I love her style, she’s one of the best dressed teens out there.


  • I will have a hard time watching the new version as Baz’s is etched on brain forever, but I quite like Hailee so i might give it a go…


  • Mireia Estefano

    Love your blog!!! Is so cute! =)