How to Make Motivational Artwork for Your Home Office #AD

Glitter Quote Wall Art DIY

Advertisement Feature | This month I’ve partnered with Light* & Free, the delicious 0% added sugar and 0% fat Greek-style yogurt from Danone. And they’ve challenged me to creatively bring the Light* & Free attitude to life. A fortnight ago I attended a creative workshop hosted by Light* & Free – which included lessons in food styling, illustration and collage – and this helped to kick-start my inspiration.

I love the idea of a “light and free” mindset – focusing on the positive and shaking off the negative – so I decided to create some motivational glitter wall art that encapsulates that message.

C’est la vie (meaning “that’s life”) seemed like a fitting quote to hang in my home office, because sometimes the best-laid plans go amiss and you just need to push ahead. It’s really easy to create glitter quote wall art at home. It takes less than an hour and requires little skill – just some basic math. Here’s my simple five-step tutorial…

Motivational Artwork Tutorial
Glitter Quote Wall Art DIY Tutorial

Glitter alphabet stickers (try these from Amazon)
A sheet of coloured cardboard
A photo frame
A pencil, eraser and ruler
A calculator
Time Required: 45 minutes – one hour

Lightly tape the coloured cardboard inside your chosen photo frame, and mark the area visible through the frame mount with a pencil so you know exactly where your text should appear. Then remove the tape and release the cardboard from the frame.

Measure the height and width of the area you’ve outlined. Then measure the width of each of the stickers you plan to use (they will all be the same height). Add the sticker measurements together so you know how much space each word will take up, and factor in a 5mm gap between each letter.

Danone Light and Free Tutorial
Glitter Quote Tutorial

This is where things get a little bit tedious… Grab your calculator and work out the spacing of your lettering to make sure your quote sits in the centre of the frame. You will need to work out the total height of your quote (factoring in a 1cm gap between each word), subtract that number from the height of your outlined area, and then divide that figure by two. If the number you’re left with is 6.5 that means your quote should start 6.5cms into the fame, and end 6.5cms from the bottom. Also apply this formula to the width of each word.

Once you’ve worked out all of the measurements, mark the cardboard with pencil so you know exactly where each letter should be placed.

Stick your glitter letters in place, then gently rub out all pencil markings except for the frame outline. Place the frame mount back over the cardboard, line it up, and then tape the corners of the cardboard down. And there you have it – one piece of motivational glitter wall art for your home office!

Danone Light and Free Art Tutorial

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  • What a sweet idea! I love that wall art. I’ve gotta admit I’m pretty useless at DIY (shocking, considering I’m a primary school teacher!!), but even I might be able to handle this…. xxx

    • cocos_tea_party

      Haha! As long as you measure it up properly it’s completely foolproof. I really like the idea of doing couples’ names for wedding gifts too. xx

  • My sister put together a kick ass GIRL boss office similar to this, it’s on point!