The Importance of Setting a Standing Lunch Date With Your BFF

Plan a Friendship Date

Are you satisfied with the amount of quality, face-to-face time you get to spend with your best friends? I have a feeling most of you will say no. I’m always in constant contact with my besties (WhatsApp is probably the most frequently opened app on my phone, after Instagram). But when you factor in work, travel, family commitments, romantic relationships and differing postcodes it can make it near-impossible to schedule friendship dates.

Sometimes entire months can go past without you seeing your BFF. So it’s true what they say: we’re the most connected generation, but also the loneliest.

And that’s why I think it’s time you picked up the phone, called your best friend and set a standing friendship date. The finer details are up to you… It could be weekly, or monthly. Coffee, lunch, dinner or cocktails. But I think the more specific you get the easier it is to stick to over time – for example: lunch on the third Saturday of every month.

If you’re looking for the perfect location for your first standing friendship date, I have a suggestion for you: Bella Italia.

Ella Gregory Cocos Tea Party Portrait
Friendship Date

Bella Italia is the ideal friendship date setting for many reasons. First of all, Italian food is the culinary equivalent of Tom Hanks – you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like it. And Bella Italia have just launched a new menu, which includes gluten-free and vegan options, so that everyone can enjoy their full offering.

You can now swap normal pasta for spiralised vegetable spaghetti, and switch to vegan cheese, at no extra cost. And, along with these welcome additions, the new Bella Italia menu also includes a creamy seafood risotto with mussels, squid and king prawn spaghetti in a lobster bisque sauce, and the new golden tomato pizza sauce.

I visited my local, West London Bella Italia restaurant, last week, for a much-needed catch-up with my gorgeous friend Maz. And we went to town on the new menu. The golden tomato margherita was my favourite, and the seafood spaghetti came out on top for Maz!

Italian food is the culinary equivalent of Tom Hanks. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like it.

Seafood Pasta

friendship date ideas

Bella Italia Seafood Pasta
Ella Gregory Bella Italia Cocos Tea Party

If these photos from my lunch date with Maz have tempted you to grab your BFF and head to your nearest Italian, here’s the best part… Until the end of June, 2018, Bella Italia are offering 40% off all main courses. Yep, you read that correctly. 40% off all mains!

Bella Italia is a great spot to dine with friends and family. And with that special, summer offer you can go wild and try out all of the new dishes that catch you eye…

Bella Italia Dessert
Bella Italia Lunch Date

Which new dish from the Bella Italia menu are you most excited to try? And do you like the idea of setting a standing friendship date? Leave a comment below to have your say…

~ This post was sponsored by Bella Italia. Thank you for continuing to support the sponsors that make Coco’s Tea Party possible. ~

Photos by Claire Menary


  1. Aww you look like you had a fab time! Lots of yummy food and time with besties <3
    Nothing better!

  2. Lucy says:

    I always head to Bella Italia with one of my best friends and we had the very same dessert as you did! I also recommend the strawberry lemonade and the mushroom arancini starter which is the BEST x

  3. cocos_tea_party says:

    You speak the truth haha x


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