12 Questions to Test Your Autumn/Winter 2014 Knowledge

Fashion Week Fall 2014 Quiz

Fashion month is finally over, so we have some time to catch up on the outpouring of collections, analyse what we’ve seen and decide which trends we want to invest in. Then it will happen all over again. To test how well you’ve been paying attention over the last four weeks I’ve created the ultimate Autumn/Winter 2014 quiz. If you manage to get 12-out-of-12 you’re officially a fashion superstar!

Up for the challenge? Then let’s begin. First up we have the visual test… See if you can name the following shows just by looking at these Style.com detail shots.

Fall Fashion Week 2014 Quiz

Now it’s time for the quick fire round…

7. Stormtroopers greeted guests at which London Fashion Week show?

8. Kendall Jenner exploded onto the scene this season. How many shows in total did she walk in?

9. At which show was Anna Wintour photographed sitting in the second row?

10. Who was the first street style star to wear Jeremy Scott’s debut collection for Moschino?

11. Michael Douglas make an unexpected front row appearance this season. Do you remember which show he attended?

Anna Kendrick New York Fashion Week 2014

And, finally, take a lucky guess at this one…

12. How many New York Fashion Week shows did Anna Kendrick attend? (Clue: it was a lot!)

Click HERE to see all of the answers. Leave a comment or tweet me at @cocosteaparty to let me know how you scored…

Detail images style.com. Anna Kendrick photo Mike Coppola 2014 Getty Images.


  1. Fashion Follows Her says:

    Well I don’t think 6 is too bad but I can’t believe I missed the Jeremy Scott one! http://fashionfollowsher.com/


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