3 Organisational Tricks I Picked Up From Etsy

Etsy Organisation Tips

The Etsy Everyday Emporium took place in London, last week, and naturally it was a huge success. The pop-up shop was open for four days, and showcased designs from the online marketplace’s most popular product categories. I visited the emporium on Friday, when it was stocked with mugs, and saw so many clever, cool and inspiring creations.

Apparently there are over 112,000 different mugs listed on Etsy, and they’re always one of the marketplace’s bestselling items. I, however, mostly use Etsy to track down stylish and practical storage solutions. And over the years I’ve purchased many designs that make organisation a breeze. Here are 3 of my favourite tidying tricks – and the Etsy finds that make them possible…

Etsy Organisation Tricks

Trick #1 – Hide Clutter Inside Pretty Objects

If there’s one thing I hate it’s clutter! I willingly trash or donate anything that isn’t serving a purpose or bringing me joy; but I still have a few unsightly items lurking around that need beautifying. Take hair bands, for example. Obviously I can’t throw them away, because I use them everyday, but they look horrible piled up in a big bunch on my dressing table. And it’s even worse when they’re scattered across various surfaces. So I recently started storing them in this beautiful marble pot from Etsy, and it’s been a total game-changer. I can now keep them together without having to look at them. Hooray!

Etsy Jewellery Display

Trick #2 – Make a Feature of Your Storage

Hiding anything you don’t want to look at inside stylish storage containers is my favourite organisational hack. And you can always go one step further by making your storage a design feature in itself. This geometric glass terrarium is ideal for displaying jewellery, and looks absolutely beautiful. And I’ve also just ordered some banana leaf wallpaper from one of Etsy’s US merchants, so I can customise basic cardboard storage boxes to make them easier on the eye.

Etsy Cable Ties

Trick #3 – Focus on the Little Details

It’s all the little things that really start to pile up and create a mess, and chargers and USB cables seem to be the biggest culprit for me. I’d constantly find myself untangling a giant bundle of wires, which is no fun at all! Tracking down cable ties online isn’t a problem, but they’re always so ugly. So I was thrilled to discover ByLawLondon‘s shop on Etsy. She stocks a wide range of pretty leather cable tidies, which come in so many inviting colours and prints. They’ve helped to declutter my home office, and I’ll definitely be ordering more to give as little gifts to friends and family. They’re perfect stocking fillers, actually!

Will you be trying at of these Etsy organisation tricks? And did you visit the Etsy Everyday Emporium in London last week? If so, what design did you take home with you?

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  • cheburashka

    That was a very interesting post!I love Etsy!!!Thanks..Although i would love to have found the pineapple pot there as well but didn’t 🙁

    • cocos_tea_party

      The pineapple is really old Zara Home, I’m afraid. I’m sure Etsy have lots of similar pineapple objects though.

      • cheburashka

        Actually they don’t!I did my search there especially after last summer when H&M Home nailed it with their pineapple home accessories..But thanks for the suggestion!

  • Oh, putting clutter in pretty boxes is the best thing ever. Although it does mean said clutter never gets thrown away… 😉

  • You really are the Queen of Organisation, Ella! Love all these tips – and what pretty finds! I’m definitely one for putting my mess into a pretty box or pot; it really helps keep things looking neat in my office as I don’t have many desk drawers! xxx