Beauty Boost: This Hair Dryer Will Change Your Life

Errol Douglas Infa-red Pro Dryer Boots

OK, this headline is slightly over-the-top. A hair dryer can’t really change your life. But the Errol Douglas Infa-red Pro Dryer comes pretty close. It’s Infa-red light speeds up the drying process, and the Pro Dryer also includes ionic technology, which locks moisture into the hair – leaving it healthy and hydrated rather than damaged and dry. So it’s definitely superior to your standard blow dryer.

The Errol Douglas collection – which also includes a Treat & Style Keratin Iron – came out last year, but as with all things haircare I was a bit late to the game and only discovered the line last week when I visited Errol’s Knightsbridge salon. I went in for a quick colour-refresh with Jessica Speechly (she’s so talented I look like a natural blonde after spending an two hours in her chair) and a blow dry with Errol. And, whilst styling my hair, Errol kindly introduced me to the Pro Dryer and Keratin Iron.

I don’t use heated products very often for two reasons. First of all I don’t have any styling skills. And secondly, my hair is coloured, so I try to avoid putting it through any extra stress by damaging it with hot irons etc. But Errol’s products take away that worry, because they both protect and treat hair whilst making it look fabulous. My hair was shiny and felt soft after Errol used the Keratin Iron to create loose waves – and it usually looks a bit frazzled and fried after styling with heat.

Here’s a look at my hair after Errol used both the Pro Dryer and Keratin Iron. I managed to get caught in a little rainstorm after leaving the salon, but the curls held their own. In fact, my hair was looking pretty damn good (if I do say so myself) for a full 72 hours after my salon visit.

Naturally, I’ve since traded in my bog-standard hair dryer for the Infa-red Pro Dryer. And If I manage to make my hair look 10% as good as Errol did I’ll be very happy indeed!

You can purchase the Errol Douglas Infra-red Pro Dryer (£49.99) and the Errol Douglas Treat & Style Keratin Iron (£89.99) at Boots. And if you’re already a big fan of the Errol Douglas hair tools keep your eyes peeled. Because there’s a brand new product coming this spring!

  • I have a bad hair day almost every day but I did notice a difference when I started using a pro hair dryer. You’re very cute in the picture above..

  • lavinia
  • I haven’t used a hair dryer in years for similar reasons but recently considered getting a dryer again, I used to be a total pro at blow drying it’s going to be tough getting back into it, this one looks decent and your picture is definitely tempting me! your hair looks lovely xx

  • Mel Stevens

    The greatest blow dryer these days is the karmin g3 salon pro, check it out online =)

  • RoseDahlia

    Sound like a great dryer. I also try and deep heat style for the most special of occasions and desperate situations. I have learned the temptation to damage your hair to save time has grave consequences. but anything that helps my hair retain moisture, when i am really in a rush sounds good.

  • samellaperez4

    My Favorite is Karmin