Emma Watson: “I’ll Be 50 and Begging to Cover Teen Vogue”

Emma Watson Teen Vogue Covers

Emma Watson is perfect Teen Vogue material: talented, pretty, young, and without an arrest record. So it’s no wonder she covered the magazine three times back in the Harry Potter days. Now, at 23-years-old, you may think Emma’s Teen Vogue days are over. But yesterday the magazine revealed she’s been photographed for the August 2013 issue, which will be released next week. This will be Emma Watson’s fourth cover shoot for the magazine (she made her Teen Vogue debut in 2005), and the actress joked about it on Twitter last night, writing:

“Just seen my new teen vogue cover! its awesommmeeee. I have a quiff! I think ill be 50 and begging to be on the cover of teen vogue. : )”

Emma Watson Teen Vogue Tweet

I haven’t had time to go through all of Teen Vogue’s back issues to see whether Emma is their most photographed star, but I’d say it’s looking pretty likely. There’s a very small window for celebrities to appeal to a teen audience, and Emma has obviously been a strong seller for the magazine since her first cover. And that was almost 10 years ago! Impressive stuff, Miss Watson…

Are you excited to see Emma Wastson’s fourth Teen Vogue cover? Is she your all-time favourite Teen Vogue cover girl?

FYI: Note the “Plus Laguna Beach‘s Talan” cover line on Emma’s first cover? Oh, how times have changed…

  • Jia

    I must say that you are Ema is looking gorgeous.

  • nikkolo

    I think Emma is the epitome of Teen Vogue.

    P.S I own all three of them and I can’t wait to get her fourth cover!