The Recipe for a Relaxing and Reviving Weekend

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There’s a reason why so many Brits list spring as their favourite season: it’s packed with Bank Holidays. And with yet another long weekend approaching I felt it was the perfect time to discuss relaxing weekend rituals.

I often work on weekends, as my self-employed schedule allows me to be more flexible with my time during the week. However, I try to honour public holidays, and focus on restful and reviving activities. Here are four things I always make time for on a long weekend…


Breakfast in bed is such a simple little luxury, but it’s still my favourite thing about staying in a hotel. And recently I started making a conscious effort to recreate the experience at home on special occasions. You don’t even need to whip up a fancy breakfast for it to feel indulgent. Nut butter on toast is 10x more delicious when eaten in bed! Trust me, I’ve done the research…

I’ve previously mentioned that I watch the The Ellen DeGeneres Show every weekday morning whilst I eat breakfast, because it always puts me in a good mood. And my love for Ellen extends to her ED collection for Royal Doulton (I’ve been using her tableware for a while). Ellen’s latest designs are inspired by her love of entertaining at home, and all have a casual, mix-and-match feel. The blue chevron collection, pictured here, is my favourite. For some reason it makes me think of The Hamptons during the height of summer. So it’s perfect for elevating my weekend breakfast.

Ellen DeGeneres Royal Doulton

“The ED collection is inspired by the things I love – art, positivity, architecture… Some pieces look so different, but go perfectly together. Like Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton.” – Ellen DeGeneres

Royal Doulton Ellen DeGeneres
Breakfast in Bed Routine


It’s funny, because as I get older I place more and more importance on taking a break from technology. Every weekend I try to take a digital detox – whether it lasts an entire day or just a morning or afternoon. Being constantly tuned in to our work and social circles gives us no time to step back and see the bigger picture. And the constant distractions can also be a killer for creativity.

So, whenever the opportunity strikes, I put my phone on flight mode for a few hours. Sometimes I dread doing it, and it can feel like a total drag. But the most exciting and innovative ideas are usually born out of boredom. So sometimes you’ve got to lean into the silence.


It’s amazing how trying something new – even if it’s as small as attending a different exercise class or switching up your coffee order – can make you feel instantly rejuvenated. This year I set myself a challenge to try something new every week. I’d be lying if I said I’d stuck to the rule completely, but it’s helped me feel more energised. So be sure to try something out of the ordinary – whether big or small – this Bank Holiday weekend!

Coco's Tea Party Morning Routine


Having grown-up in London I think it would be a serious stretch to say I’m “outdoorsy”. For starters, I’ve never been camping (and quite honestly, I think if I did it would look a lot like this). But, as with digital detoxing, I’m slowly becoming more appreciative of nature as I get older. And taking a long walk is always the best cure whenever I’m feeling low on energy or unsettled. As a West London girl, Richmond Park is my absolute favourite. But really, any green space will do the trick and help to revive your body and mind!

ED Royal Doulton Collection

What’s your favourite way to spend a long weekend? And are you also a fan of Ellen DeGeneres’s collection for Royal Doulton? You can shop the full collection now at

~ This post was created in collaboration with Royal Doulton. Thank you for continuing to support the sponsors that make Coco’s Tea Party possible. ~


  1. Reena says:

    Love this post, so important to switch off. I’m heading out of London this weekend and can’t wait to get back in tough with nature. London is such a concrete jungle!

    Fashion Daydreams

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      Hi Reena. I hope you have a lovely weekend away! I always feel re-energised after I spend a good amount of time in nature.


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