Elizabeth and James’ Pre Fall 2013 Layering Masterclass

I’m terrible at layering. Really, really awful. This wouldn’t be a problem if I lived somewhere warm and could just wear a statement dress every day, but in the UK you have to come up with imaginative layering ideas for at least 7 months of the year. Not fun! So I’m very excited about Elizabeth and James‘ Pre Fall 2013 lookbook, which fuses designs together in a cool and original way. The styling isn’t hard to copy, as most of the looks are built around two wardrobe staples: the T-shirt and white shirt. Take a look at Elizabeth and James’ easy dressing formulas and let the layering commence…

Elizabeth and James Pre Fall 2013 layering 1
Elizabeth and James Pre Fall 2013 layering 2

I how ’90s the T-shirt and slip dress look, when worn together, so I’ll give that style a go. And I’ll definitely be first in line for the cute wrap-around skirts, once this collection hits stores! Do you like the Elizabeth and James Pre collection?

  • I really like the red blazer, the entire lookbook is very appealing

  • Lee

    I love all of these looks, a person could go crazy with print combos, but just the different lengths coming together is so attractive. I’m going to try one of these for tomorrow, I wish I already had one of those wrap skirts but I have something I can substitue. Not sure I love the black shiny boots, but some sort of platform ankle boot would work. Thanks for the post!