How I Managed to Cut My Sugar Intake in Half

How to Cut Your Sugar Intake

I’ve joked about my sweet tooth many times before. But, really, it’s no laughing matter. I’m a serious sugar junkie. Overall I have a very healthy diet – sticking to fresh, homemade meals with plenty of vegetables – but I simply cannot say no to chocolate. Leave me in a room with a bar of Green & Blacks and it will be gone within minutes. I’ve tried to eat less sugar before by going cold turkey, but have never lasted more than three days. So this year I decided to take a softer approach…

Seeing as sweet treats are my only vice (I don’t eat junk food or drink sodas, and limit both coffee and alcohol), I didn’t want to completely cut something out of my diet that brings me so much pleasure. So, since the beginning of the year, I’ve been working hard to form a new habit that allows me to enjoy sugar in moderation. I call it the 50/50 rule.

How does it work? Well, I simply alternate which days I’m allowed to have sugar and which days I go sugar free. So if Monday is a dessert day I’m strictly sugar-free on Tuesday. This doesn’t mean that I binge or go crazy on my treat days, however. I still take everything in moderation. And if I ever experience cravings on my sugar-free days it’s easy to manage, because I know it will be over within 24 hours.

How to Eat Less Sugar


Chocolate, cake, biscuits, candy
Sugary drinks (including fruit juices)
“Healthy” desserts (sweet potato brownies etc)
Processed foods that have high sugar levels (ready-made pasta sauces etc)


Fruit* (but not juiced)
Herbal teas
Savoury snacks (nuts, hummus, cheese, oatcakes etc)

This method has been really effective because, although I don’t consume insane amounts of sugar, I find it really hard to stick to just one or two squares of chocolate per day. Once I’ve had that first bite I always want a little bit more.

I stuck to the 50/50 rule religiously throughout January, and after a week found the framework really easy to stick to. And now that I eat less sugar I’ve also noticed that I rarely crave a slice of cake or a bar of chocolate. It’s been so worthwhile.

Now, more than a month in, it’s a fully-formed habit. And I’ve been able to adjust the rules slightly when needed. For instance, if I’m going out for dinner on a sugar-free day and really want dessert I’ll just take an extra sugar-free day to restore balance. It couldn’t be easier!

Are you constantly trying to eat less sugar? Have you found a method that works well for you? And would you try the 50/50 rule I’ve adopted? Leave a comment below to let me know…

* For me this process hasn’t been about cutting out natural sugars, so I still allow fruit and and all vegetables.

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