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Hello there. Like many twenty-somethings I’m currently navigating the choppy waters of single life. Dating is hard work, and it’s never been more difficult to form a romantic connection. We’re overwhelmed with choice, and manners have completely gone out the as “ghosting” has become the norm. So, if you’re finding it tough, know that you’re not alone. Here I’ve collated all of the dating advice and tips that I’ve encountered on my journey so far. And I hope it can help to improve your love life and put the spark back into dating…


Whilst it’s always great to make romantic connections IRL, through friends and work, it’s easy to hit a dead end. So online dating can be a great (albeit time-consuming) way to meet new people. And here are 3 simple ways to make sure your online dating profile stands out from the crowd.

Once your profile is complete make sure you’re getting the most out of dating sites and swipe Apps by following the 7 dos and don’ts of online dating.


Whoop! You’ve lined up a date. This is great news. And just remember: everyone finds the first date awkward, so there’s no need to panic. Just try not to make any of these faux pas – all of which I have done in the past…


So you’ve just started seeing someone. Now what?

It’s so tempting to keep track of your date’s social channels, but is online snooping ever a good idea? I asked a male friend to weigh in on the subject, and his response might surprise you…

And texting also throws up its own set of politics. How often should you text your crush? And is it a bad sign if they don’t message you as much? Again, I put these questions to a straight guy, who provided some smart, solid advice.


Dating is hard work, and often it can feel like your efforts are not being rewarded. It’s difficult to shake off a bad experience, but here’s everything you need to remember when bouncing back from a romantic disappointment.

And if you’re constantly finding yourself back in the same patterns it might be time to take a deeper look at what’s going on. Do you have a “type”? Because I do, and I’ve often wondered if it’s a mistake to always date the same type


Out of curiosity, I read 3 bestselling dating books, and here’s what I learnt

This is a little bit woo woo, but I’ve noticed that I tend to form deeper connections with men who I’m astrologically compatible with. So I asked celebrity astrologer Susan Miller to explain how star sign compatibility works.

And, at the end of the day, this is the only piece of advice you really need to remember when it comes to dating. Trust Mindy Kaling to lay it out so clearly.

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