10 of the Best… Teeny-Tiny Handbags

Harley Viera Newton Chanel Handbag

Apologies in advance, because I’m about to share a terribly boring story with you… Most of my days are either spent sitting at a computer or walking around Central London with an oversized handbag and SLR camera, so as a result I’ve developed poor posture and constantly suffer from back pain. This is not fun at all, and as I’ve now reached the limit of boring my friends with these bad-back woes I’m bringing them to the blog.

I’m sure many of you are in exactly the same boat anyway. Am I right? So let’s all moan about it together. Five, four, three, two, one, go… BACK PAIN SUCKS!

Feel a bit better now?

Over the last couple of months I’ve started taking this more seriously: I’m attending weekly yoga classes, am taking regular breaks from my laptop and – most importantly – I’ve started carrying smaller handbags. It was a difficult change to make, because I don’t travel light, but I feel so much freer! Also, teeny-tiny handbags look sooo much cooler than oversized totes right now.

Chanel’s little cross-body bag is the dream (Harley Viera Newton, you are one lucky lady), but if you’re not working with a supersized budget check out these 10 styles…

Cross Body Bags Summer 2014

1. Topshop and Topshop USA | 2. ASOS and ASOS USA | 3. Kurt Geiger | 4. Topshop and Topshop USA | 5. Lauren Merkin Handbags | 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs| | 7. Lulu Guinness | 8. ASOS and ASOS USA | 9. ASOS and ASOS USA | 10. ASOS and ASOS USA

How you cut the contents of your handbag down to fit inside one of these little beauties is a problem I’ll leave you to solve. A simple credit card holder – like this chic number from Whistles – is an absolute must though!

Which teeny-tiny handbag is your favourite? Is this a look you’ll be wearing throughout spring/summer 2014? As always leave a comment and let me know…

Harley Viera Newton image courtesy of Chanel
  • Ahhh so hard to pick a fave, I love the blue one by asos and the Lulu Guinness is so sweet. Definitely with you on the back pain, yoga is really helping me with that too but another bag to help with poor posture is a backpack and I know most people only have it slung over one shoulder but I started wearing it with both as someone pointed out that my right shoulder actually slumps down a little further because i forever have a massive shoulder bag resting on it. xx

  • lavieenliz

    I love the minis so much!


  • lyndesloovere
  • Abby

    I have scoliosis and one of the bugbears my mum has when she sees me is how much I overload my bags. Terrible habit. Am doing a bit better with small across body bags, but I still struggle with the”Do I really need to take this…?” dilemma.

    • cocos_tea_party

      It’s so tricky isn’t it? WHY do we need to much stuff?!

      • Abby

        It’s that little nagging voice, “What if…?!”