Coco’s Tea Party Has Had A Makeover

As you can see, Coco’s Tea Party has had a makeover. I hope you all like it! The wonderful Faye from Girl Does Geek took care of the process, and I can’t thank her enough. The new look came with its fair share of drama (CTP was down for most of yesterday), but – fingers crossed – everything should be running smoothly from now on.

It’s going to take me a while to get used to blogging on a new system, and my previous posts are looking a little odd now that they’re in a new layout, so I’ll need some time to edit the archive. But I’ll continue posting as normal, so look out for lots of fun fashion content coming your way this week!

  • Love the new sleek look Ella – its fantastic and Faye did a great job! New Year, new blog style – always good! xx

    • Ella Gregory

      Thank you! I’m so pleased with it. xx

  • Maz

    Love it! x