Coco’s Tea Party Has Had a Makeover

Clueless Makeover Scene

As you can see, Coco’s Tea Party is looking a little bit different today. I’ve been working on the re-design with Faye Kent for a few weeks, and I’m so excited to finally reveal the finished look. Nothing is wildly different, but I felt like CTP needed a little nip and tuck. Hopefully you like the results.

The biggest change is the fact posts will no longer appear in full on the homepage. I’m slightly worried no one will click though to read individual stories (are people that lazy?), but this will speed up CTP’s load time and make it easier for you to browse the blog from your mobile phone or tablet.

With the new look you’ll also notice some changes to the content within the coming weeks. I’ll be introducing a new interview series, “Getting Dressed With”, which will profile stylish women working in the fashion industry. Red carpet content will be increased slightly, so keep an eye out for all of my Awards Season Best Dressed lists. And, on top of that, I’ll be adding more lifestyle content and personal pieces.

As always, thank you so much for continuing to support Coco’s Tea Party. I love receiving your tweets and comments and can’t wait to share more fashion fun with you this year!

P.S Myself and Faye have tested the new-look site on various devices, but if you’re experiencing any issues (broken links etc) please drop me an email send me a tweet and we’ll look into it. Also, some posts in the archive may look a little funky until I have time to go back and edit them. So I apologise in advance for that.

  • I love your blog no matter what!

    • cocos_tea_party

      YAY! That’s what I like to hear.

  • Jess Child

    Don’t mind having to click through, but please add ‘next post’ and ‘previous post’ buttons at the bottom of each article (before comments) so we don’t have to keep going back to the homepage every time. Looking forward to all your new material xx

    • Melina Kolyvakis

      I agree! I think previos and next post buttons would be useful and that way we wouldn’t have to go back to the main page and into another post. Other than that I love the new look and you blog in general, great articles. xo

      • cocos_tea_party

        This isn’t something I had thought about (stupidly) but I have spoken to Faye and will we be adding these asap!

    • cocos_tea_party

      This isn’t something I had thought about (stupidly) but I have spoken to Faye and will we be adding these asap.

  • I did notice a cleaner look (that’s not to say it wasn’t before…) couldn’t quite point it down to what. I won’t be lazy, promise XX

  • Reina

    what are the fact posts?

  • Fashion Follows Her

    Looks lovely… I’m always giving Fashion Follows Her a Nip/Tuck here and there- much better than a massive overhaul!