A Skincare Routine to Support My Busy Lifestyle

Clinique Pep Start Skincare

Like all of you, I lead a very busy lifestyle. My diary is always filled with business meetings, work events, gym sessions, dinners with friends and the occasional Bumble date. So I need a skincare routine that supports my hectic London lifestyle. And the new Pep-Start range from Clinique does just that…

Created especially for the #GirlOnTheGo, the Clinique Pep-Start collection features five fabulous products. There are two oil-free moisturisers (good luck trying to pick a favourite), a refreshing eye cream, an exfoliating cleanser and convenient cleansing wipes.

Clinique Pep Start Exfoliating Cleanser

I’ve been a big fan of Clinique since my early teens, and the Pep-Start products have to be some of my all-time favourites. I feel like the range really caters to my needs and supports me through every aspect of my day. So here’s a look at how the skincare fits into my lifestyle…

I cleanse my face at the beginning of each day, and the Pep-Start™ 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser is particularly brilliant because it gets rid of excess oil and also removes dead skin cells and impurities. It’s great for combination/oily skin, like mine, and is gentle enough to use daily. But the best part is you only need a pea-sized amount of product, so the 100ml tube is sure to last for ages.

To prep my face for makeup I then apply the Pep-Start™ Hydrorush SPF20 Moisturizer, which is oil-free and sinks into the skin really quickly, giving an instant hit of hydration. So it’s easy to see why Clinique named the product Hydrorush. And, along with the daytime moisturiser, I’ve also been using the Pep-Start™ Eye Cream, which acts as a great base for under-eye concealer and revives tired, puffy eyes.

Clinique Pep Start HydroRush
Clinique Pep Start Swipes Wipes

As you know, I don’t often use wipes. However, the Pep-Start™ Quick Cleansing Swipes are such a useful addition to my gym bag. If I’m heading to a circuit training session during the afternoon I can quickly remove my makeup without irritating my skin. And, because these cleansing wipes are so great at removing dirt and oil, I also use them to freshen up my face, neck and décolletage after a workout.

If I’m going out in the evening, for dinner or a date, I’ll reapply my makeup post-gym. And Pep-Start™ HydroBlur Moisturizer is the ideal base for an after-dark beauty look. Like Hydrorush, it’s super hydrating. However, the texture is very different and makes it feel more like a primer than a moisturiser. It gives the skin a matte, airbrushed finish, and acts as a great base for makeup. I’ve actually been using HydroBlur for a couple of months, because the US team gave me a cheeky sample when I was in New York earlier this year, and it’s now one of my all-time favourite Clinique products.

I end the day exactly how it began… by cleansing, moisturising and applying eye cream. It’s my nighttime ritual and I never, ever skip it!

Have you tried the new Pep-Start range from Clinique yet? If so, which products are your favourites? Leave a comment below to let me know…

This post was created in collaboration with Clinique, however all opinions expressed are my own, as always. Thank you for continuing to support the sponsors that make Coco’s Tea Party possible.


  1. First of all, well done of waking up so early!
    Secondly, I really love Clinique, so should really try this range.
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