Crushing on Christy Turlington’s Timeless Style

Christy Turlington Style copy

Christy Turlington Burns never really went away, but you could say 2014 has been a comeback of sorts for her. She’s everywhere right now: on the cover of British Vogue and LOVE magazine, appearing in ELLE USA [below], providing a constant stream of Instagram-inspiration, and starring in the new Calvin Klein Eternity campaign (alongside husband Ed Burns), 26 years after she first appeared in the iconic ads.

I’m enjoying these Christy sightings a lot, because she’s always been my favourite supermodel. Beauty – like fashion – is so subjective and totally lies in the eyes of the beholder, but Christy is one of those extreme beauties that everyone becomes mesmerized by. At the moment my favourite form of procrastination is looking through her ’90s editorials on Pinterest. It’s an endless source of inspiration!

Christy Turlington Burns ELLE

My wardrobe could definitely do with a dose of Christy Turlington style, so this A/W I’ll be investing in clean lines, minimalist tailoring and a few ’90s inspired pieces. The J.Crew cashmere turtleneck has completely captured my heart, and I also think Topshop’s black maxi dress is a super-sexy evening option. It’s very Calvin Klein – but comes in at a purse-friendly £50.

Christy Turlington Style

Get the Look: Jacket: French Connection // Sandals: ASOS // Dress: Topshop // Eternity by Calvin Klein // Bra: Calvin Klein Underwear // Top: Theory // Knit: J.Crew

Are you pleased that Christy Turlington has had a busy year so far? Is she your favourite supermodel too? And are you a fan of her laid-back style? Let me know…

P.S.  For sickeningly-adorable couple selfies and healthy foodspiration make sure you’re following Christy on Instagram.

All images sourced from Pinterest
  • Christy turlington, ahhh, such a beauty! The top right picture is the one I took of her to the hairdressers to get a similar cut, i don’t think it’s a good idea to base a look on her as it will end in disappointment when you don’t pull it off nearly as well! I just checked out her instagram and there’s a picture of her dressed as audrey hepburn, it took me forever to convince myself that it is actually her and not audrey, can’t believe the resemblance! x

  • A few days ago I saw an interview with her and Christy still has the most best looking skin ever. So naturally smooth and strong. I wish I was that blessed, too.

  • Reina

    that bottom right picture…. beauty

  • anonymus

    I love Christy Turlington, I love his style and more his timeless….