Road Trip! Visiting Manchester With the Blogging Girl Band

Steve Madden Coco's Tea Party

Two weeks ago I visited Manchester for the very first time with The Apartment and Steve Madden. It was really fun day, packed with shopping, food and brilliant company. Here is a visual diary of the day…Read More >

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Swapping My Leather Biker for the M&S Paisley Print Jacket

M&S Paisley Jacket

Spring has sprung and I’ve swapped my leather biker for Marks and Spencer’s paisley print trophy jacket. See how I styled it here…Read More >

My Style: Practising the Matthew McConaughey Rom-Com Lean

Ella Gregory Coco's Tea Party Missoni 2

Did you see Matthew McConaughey on The Graham Norton Show a few weeks ago? They joked about the ‘rom-com lean’, which he does in most movie posters, and I noticed I’m doing a variation of the lean in most of these pictures. It’s the classic fashion blogger pose…Read More >

My Style: Returning to the Wild Side (Via Stiletto Heels)

Ella Gregory Coco's Tea Party J Brand Jeans

Do you have a signature style or something you’re known for wearing on repeat? At university mine used to be the YSL ‘Arty’ rings (this was just before everyone and their grandmother started wearing them). And once that phase was over and done with I moved on to animal print…Read More >

My Style: Introducing the M Missoni Raffia Bag

M Missoni Raffia Bag

Oh, the irony! Usually when I try to take outfit photos for the blog there’s not enough natural light. And now there’s too much. In these photos my pastel Zara knit has practically become luminous, so put your sunglasses on before reading on…Read More >