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The Let’s Discuss Podcast is Back for Season 2

The Let’s Discuss podcast is back for its summer season. And the first episode from the second series is now available to stream and download. This week Monica and I are chatting about summer travel – specifically how to navigate holidays with friends, family members and partners without falling out in the process. Because, let’s be honest, who hasn’t got into a heated argument with loved ones whilst queuing for airport security before? read more >

Defeat the Green-Eyed Monster in 3 Simple Steps

Jealousy has to be one of the most unpleasant emotions you can feel, right? Luckily, I’ve become less susceptible to jealous spells as I’ve got older, and I rarely find myself feeling envious of others. However, when the Green Eyed Monster strikes it can be hard to shake off those unpleasant feelings… read more >

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Holiday

Think of this post as a “Be Right Back” notice, as I’ll be taking the remainder of the week off. Tomorrow morning I fly to Antigua (!!), and once I return I’ll be boarding another flight and jetting off to Menorca for a few days. Regular posting will resume on July 3rd… read more >

7 Key Things to Know if You’re Trying to Get on the Property Ladder

Those of you that follow @CocosTeaParty on Instagram may have noticed I’m currently trying to get on the property ladder. After years of living with my parents and saving like a mad woman, I finally began my search in January of this year. It’s been a draining, emotional and truly terrifying process. And there’s been so much to learn along the way. So far I’ve had two offers rejected and about four nervous breakdowns. But I’m hanging in there! read more >