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The Weekend Reading List

What do you have planned for the weekend? I haven’t worked out in two weeks (I’m taking a month off from the gym) and have already found that it’s starting to effect my mood. So this weekend I’ve carved out some time to do a little bit of exercise at home. And I’ll be starting with the Lauren Conrad 30-Day Abs Challenge… read more >

The Weekend Reading List

Over the weekend everyone started re-tweeting Teen’s Vogue’s fearless piece, ‘Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America‘, which was written by Lauren Duca. There was a lot of surprise that something so well written and powerful could have come from Vogue’s little sister. But I wasn’t surprised at all… read more >

3 Reasons to Subscribe to the Coco’s Tea Party Email Newsletter

Are you signed up to the weekly Coco’s Tea Party email newsletter yet? If not here are 3 things you’re missing out on… read more >

A Quick Note on Technical Issues

Just to keep you in the loop about what’s going on with the blog at the moment. We’ve been having some difficulty this week with pop-up ads appearing whenever you click on Coco’s Tea Party. These should not be there… read more >