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Five Days of Bobble Hats

You know the MC Hammer U Can’t Touch This lyrics, “Stop. Hammer time”? Well, for some reason, whenever I wear a bobble hat I want to sing, “Stop. Beanie time”… read more >

My Style: The ‘Wear Forever’ Pieces

How quick is the turnaround of clothing in your wardrobe? Do you hold onto pieces for years, or do work on a wear >repeat > eBay > buy something new cycle? read more >

More Noteworthy Looks From New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week went by so quickly, and tomorrow the circus moves to London. If you missed the first Autumn/Winter 2014 roundup you can catch up here, and now it’s time for part two. Over the last four days we’ve seen everything from C3PO gowns to teddy bear chic knits, and these are the highlights… read more >

News From NYFW: Polo Necks, Prince of Wales Checks and Big Grins

Nothing can bring New York Fashion Week down, we discovered this weekend. Especially not a blizzard named after an animated fish! The Autumn/Winter 2013 shows continued despite the sub-zero conditions, with editors wearing wellies on the front row and ‘It’ … read more >

Hide & Chic: The October 2012 Edition

It’s the first day of October, which means we’ve got a whole host of new exhibitions, product launches, trends and must-watch TV shows coming our way. Keep up-to-date with everything that’s going on this month with October’s … read more >

What’s Happened at New York Fashion Week So Far?

We’re already onto day five of New York Fashion Week (seriously, how did that happen so quickly?) and while there haven’t been any heart-stoppingly-fabulous moments yet I’ve noticed a few trends brewing. It looks like gladiator sandals are poised to … read more >