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How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

I often get approached by new bloggers looking for advice. And whilst I unfortunately don’t hold the recipe for online success (if I did I would sell it for millions), I’m always happy to share a few practical tips that will help elevate any blog. And the first of which is to start an editorial calendar… read more >

The Let’s Discuss Podcast is Back for Season 2

The Let’s Discuss podcast is back for its summer season. And the first episode from the second series is now available to stream and download. This week Monica and I are chatting about summer travel – specifically how to navigate holidays with friends, family members and partners without falling out in the process. Because, let’s be honest, who hasn’t got into a heated argument with loved ones whilst queuing for airport security before? read more >

7 Micro-Influencers to Follow on Instagram

There’s been a lot of talk about micro-influencers recently, as brands have slowly started to notice that Instagram accounts with smaller followings tend to be more valuable than those with hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of fans. And, with that in mind, here are 7 micro-influencers to follow on Instagram ASAP… read more >

The Let’s Discuss Podcast: A Season One Recap

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and that has definitely been the case with the Let’s Discuss podcast! It’s been two months since Monica Welburn and I launched the weekly series, in which we explore the issues and and life hurdles you experience whilst navigating your twenties. And we’ve been so overwhelmed by your response… read more >