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The High Street Pre-Fall 2017 Heroes to Fall in Love With

Truly, I feel like I’m now so out of the loop when it comes to designer fashion. I honestly wouldn’t be able to recognise a single piece from the Pre-Fall 2017 collections, and would likely have even worse luck with the actual Autumn/Winter lines. I stopped paying attention around the time it became acceptable to charge £325 for a pair of socks… read more >

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for New Clothes

Brace yourselves, ladies. Because the Pre AW17 collections are slowly beginning to trickle into stores. And with that comes the overwhelming urge to shop. I’m generally very frugal when it comes to fashion, but right now it feels like there’s temptation in every corner… read more >

10 Summer Holiday Style Essentials

What’s your packing strategy when it comes to summer travel? I always worry that I’ll forget something vital (like underwear or my phone charger), so I start packing at least three days in advance and try my best to stick to a colour palette so that everything can be mixed and matched upon arrival… read more >

Summer Style That Won’t Break the Bank

As you know, I love a bit of bohemian-inspired fashion. I’ve been coveting the embroidered summer dresses from MARCH11, Ulla Johnson and Tory Burch all season. But, at £500+ a pop they’re not particularly attainable. And if you live in the UK it’s unlikely you’d be able to balance out that investment through cost-per-wear, because – let’s face it – we have crap summers… read more >