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Weekly Wish List | Statement Jeans and Spring Outerwear

When was the last time you spoilt yourself for no reason? I kept my spending to a minimum throughout January and much of February, in an attempt to get the year off to a frugal start. But slowly I’ve noticed my reserve slipping. And I’m sure it has a lot to do with all of the spring 2017 drops hitting stores right now… read more >

How to Successfully Shop for Glasses Online

At this point in time there is little that we won’t shop for online. Clothing, technology, food, toilet paper… Hell, even men (hey there, Bumble). But it’s always been a bit of a challenge to purchase eyewear over the internet. And that’s a shame, because visiting the opticians feels like such a chore (to me, it’s worse than going to the dentist). Plus, it’s often much cheaper to order your specs online. read more >

Weekly Wish List | A Must-Have Cashmere Brand

If you’re not already familiar with the cashmere brand Jumper 1234 I would like to make a formal introduction. Because it’s a need-to-know label! Jumper 1234 was launched by a group of friends in 2014, and their cashmere is sourced directly from the herdsmen of Outer Mongolia. The spring/summer 2017 collection is packed with covetable pieces… read more >

Weekly Wish List | Miu Miu Ballet Flat Dupes

Last season everyone in fashion went mad for a pair of Miu Miu ballet flats. You know the ones I’m talking about: they had pretty gingham laces and edgy leather straps. Personally they looked a little bit too orthopedic for my liking. However, it was nice to see the humble ballet pump back in the spotlight. And if you’re still searching for some Miu Miu ballet flat dupes I’ve found a high street bargain… read more >