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Weekly Wish List | A Weekend at the Beach

Have you watched the Netflix show Grace and Frankie? I’m completely addicted, and raced through all three seasons with my mum. It might seem like a slightly bizarre thing to bring up in a Weekly Wish List, but I ask because Grace (played by Jane Fonda) has the most impeccable “off duty” style. And she’s my inspiration for a weekend at the beach… read more >

Weekly Wish List | The Pom Pom Accessory Edit

Few things in life make me as happy as pom poms do. I know that sounds incredibly dramatic, but it’s the truth. Present me with a pom pom and I will smile gleefully – no matter what kind of mood I was in before. They are just so much fun to wear! I love a pom pom trim on dresses, sweatshirts, blouses, skirts and trouser hems. But it’s pom pom accessories that are my real weakness… read more >

Weekly Wish List | Guess What’s Back In Stock…

Every now and then the high street comes up with a design that’s so fabulous it immediately causes a flurry of excitement. And this season that fashion moment came from Next, who have produced the most perfect bohemian blouse. The £40 embroidered top comes in both blue and red, is 100% cotton and great quality (I’ve machine-washed mine multiple times and not a single thread has come loose). read more >

Weekly Wish List | The Dreamiest Summer Tote Bag

I have a problem when it comes to straw totes. The problem being I can’t stop purchasing them! It doesn’t even bother me that they’re only wearable for about four months of the year, because I use them as storage baskets once the summer season comes to a close. Right now I’m obsessing over the Amour handbag from Hush. read more >