Cheat Your Way to a New Pair of Heels

Christian Louboutin Heels Pom Poms

Here’s a tough fashion conundrum to try and solve: you want a new pair of shoes but have no extra storage space and refuse to part with anything that’s already in your closet…Read More >

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Weekly Wish List: Spring Style Daydreams

Spring 2015 Shopping

Daydreaming about spring fashion is my favourite pastime, right now…Read More >

Dressing for Cocktail Hour at One Aldwych

Zig Zag Print Dress CocosTeaParty

Like many of you, I spent my teenage years watching Sex and the City and I assumed my adult life would look a lot like Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha’s…Read More >

Weekly Wish List: A Pre-Spring Workwear Update

Workwear Spring 2015

What I’d wear if I worked in J.Crew’s NYC headquarters…Read More >

7 Pre-Fall 2015 Styling Tricks to Try This Winter

Pre Fall 2015

Already bored of your winter wardrobe? Then look to the Pre Fall 2015 collections for some fresh styling ideas…Read More >

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Weekly Wish List: Dress Like One of the Girls

GIRLS HBO Season 4 Style

I’m celebrating the fact Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa are finally back on our screens…Read More >