Wednesday Wish List: Ready to Wrap Up Warm

PANDORA Essence Collection

Stepping off the plane at Heathrow airport on Monday evening – into the cold, wet, windy 6°C weather – was not a pleasant experience…Read More >

A Postcard From Bangkok: Unforgettable Moments With Pandora

Bangkok Skyline 2

I probably owe you all an apology, because for the last five days I’ve been sunning myself in Thailand with the Pandora team…Read More >

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Harrods Go Inside The Studio With Britain’s Leading Designers


Thanks to Twitter and Instagram we now have constant access to the world’s top designers. However, there is still one area that largely remains private and locked away…Read More >

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My Style: Winter Roses and Scene-Stealing Accessories

Three Floor Dress Cocos Tea Party

I personally think fashion is at its best when it’s playful and a little bit ridiculous…Read More >

Wednesday Wish List: Le Freak C’est Chique

Le Freak C'est Chique

I’d love to be one of those people who can say they have a favourite book, movie, fragrance and song, but when there’s too much choice I find it impossible to make decisions…Read More >

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