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The 2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For the Man in Your Life

Men are incredibly difficult to shop for at Christmas, so it’s often wise to stick to their wish lists and buy them exactly what they’ve asked for. But you’ve got your work cut out for you if you’re dealing with one of the “I don’t really want anything” types. And, if that’s the case, here are 12 gift suggestions that will hopefully spark some inspiration… read more >

The 2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Friends That Love to Entertain

We all have friends and family that love to play host, and if you’re not sure what to give them this Christmas here are 12 ideas that will definitely go down a treat. If you’re shopping for a foodie check out Arthur Price’s stylish pizza board and Theo Randall’s Pasta recipe book, because it’s impossible to go wrong with Italian food. And a bag of gourmet popcorn kernels will make a fantastic stocking stuffer or secret santa gift… read more >

The 2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For the Girl Who Has Everything

I’m so excited to launch the 2016 Coco’s Tea Party Christmas Gift Guide series today! It’s something I’ve been working on for a long time, and this year I’ve also created an extra-special interactive download, which is exclusive to email subscribers… read more >

Weekly Wish List | A Must-Have Gucci Dupe

Ask any fashion insider who the biggest style influencer is right now and you’ll receive the same response: Alessandro Michele at Gucci. Ever since the Italian designer took up residence at Gucci, in January of last year, he’s been setting trends. And that’s a pretty big achievement, considering the fashion cycle now moves so quickly it’s almost impossible for trends to catch on… read more >