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My 9 to 5: Rose Mann, Co-Owner of Farm Girl Café

“The good thing about what we do is the fact you can see all of your hard work right there and then, every day. It’s like an instant reward. Sometimes I work on the floor at Farm Girl, and that’s the best thing for me to do because I get to meet all of our customers face-to-face and actually have a conversation with them. It’s always really uplifting…” read more >

My 9 to 5 | Osha Waiters, Plus-Size Model

“I was actually a little thinner about two years ago, but I recently gained quite a bit of weight, and lots of girls my size saw that and began reaching out to me. They’d leave comments saying, ‘I’m so happy to see a girl who is my size embracing her body.’ Hearing that – especially from girls who are 14 or 15 – makes me feel like I’m doing something right…” read more >

My 9 to 5 | Elizabeth Elsey, Homeware Designer

“I love having the freedom to create what’s in my head. And I love the fact that I can create a product and six months later it ends up in someone’s home. That’s just the coolest thing…” read more >

My 9 to 5 | Ella Gregory, Coco’s Tea Party Editor

Coco’s Tea Party turns 10 on September 25th. And to celebrate this milestone I thought it was about time I shared my career story in the monthly #My9to5 series. So here’s how I made it all happen… read more >