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The Weekend Reading List

Have you watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix yet? I've been talking about it with friends all week... read more

7 Celebrity Memoirs I Want to Read in 2019

I don't usually stray far outside the parameters of contemporary fiction, but last year I read a surprising number of memoirs. And I aim... read more

The Weekend Reading List

All of the life and style links I've been loving, this week... read more

The Weekend Reading List

How have you found the first work week of the year? I've been easing in gently, and it's felt pretty good to be back... read more

Why You Should Write a “19 for 2019” List

Forget New Year's Resolutions. It's all about the "19 for 2019" list, this year... read more

The End of Year Reading List

And that's a wrap on 2018... I'm signing off now for Christmas, and this year I've decided to take an extended break from content... read more