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The Weekend Reading List

What are your thoughts on Miranda Kerr’s wedding dress? Her Dior Haute Couture gown has been a popular topic of discussion amongst my friends this week, and Vogue got a closer look at the design, which was inspired by Grace Kelly’s iconic wedding dress… read more >

Ask a Straight Guy: Dealing With the Pressure to Be Physical With Someone Before You’re Ready

“How do I overcome an overwhelming fear and stress before a first date? I’m usually a very sociable person, but when it comes to the opposite sex I panic and feel totally lost. It always takes time for me to feel comfortable around new people, and guys often tend to rush things physically before I have a chance to get to know them properly. That freaks me out…” read more >

How to Take Holiday Photos That You’ll Treasure Forever

I know there’s currently a big push to “live in the moment” and not document everything for Instagram. Which is great – and definitely needed! But it’s summertime and we’re all embarking on exciting adventures abroad, so I think it’s safe to assume we’re going to get a little bit snap happy… read more >

The Weekend Reading List

Happy Friday! After a two week break I’m very excited to bring back The Weekend Reading List. And this week there’s a generous dose of fashion news to go around. First we have details on Lucinda Chambers’ dramatic exit from British Vogue, and the resulting fallout after she revealed she’d been fired… read more >