On the Wish List: Palm Prints and Safety Pins

Palm Print Trend Spring 2014

It’s been a while since we last had a headline about Elizabeth Hurley’s safety pin Versace dress. I swear almost every six months another survey pops up voting it the “most iconic dress of all time”.Read More >

10 of the Best… Teeny-Tiny Handbags

Harley Viera Newton Chanel Handbag

Hide those supersized tote bags in the back of your wardrobes, because a teeny-tiny cross-body handbag is all you need this spring/summer! Here are 10 of the very best styles…Read More >

Shopping For: Urban Sophistication From Day to Night

Diorskin Nude Tan Matte Kurt Geiger Britton Tote

This week’s wish list accidentally has a bit of a day-to-night theme going on. And who wouldn’t want to wear Isabel Marant by day and McQ Alexander McQueen by night? Read More >

Shopping For: That Optimistic Spring Feeling

Distressed Jeans ASOS

Is it just me, or does it suddenly feel like spring is just around the corner? As I was putting this week’s shopping edit together I could hear birds chirping outside the window, which I took as solid proof warmer weather and sunshine are on their way. So we’d be foolish not to get our wardrobes ready…Read More >

My Winter Jewellery Favourites – Necklaces Out, Bracelets and Rings In

Jewellery Winter Wardrobe

Since winter properly set in I’ve stopped wearing necklaces completely. There doesn’t seem to be much point when they’re always hidden under a scarf, snood or roll neck jumper. But in their place I’ve added delicate bracelets and skinny stacking rings. Here’s a closer look at the pieces currently onRead More >