Instant Outfit: How to Dress Like a World Cup Cutie

2014 World Cup Fashion

Okay, I know it’s not the right time to make this kind of confession, but I really really don’t like football.Read More >

My Style: The Hero Dress

Gap Shirtdress Michael Kors Selma Bag CocosTeaParty

You really can’t beat a good shirtdress. They’re one of the most universally flattering items of clothing, suiting every age, height, and dress size…Read More >

My Style: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Ella Cocos Tea Party Hair

No, my hair hasn’t grown five inches in the space of a week (wouldn’t that be amazing?). The My Little Pony hair you’re seeing in these photos isn’t my own. Naturally, I’ve been wary of extensions ever since Britney went off the rails in 2007…Read More >

My Style: Practising the Matthew McConaughey Rom-Com Lean

Ella Gregory Coco's Tea Party Missoni 2

Did you see Matthew McConaughey on The Graham Norton Show a few weeks ago? They joked about the ‘rom-com lean’, which he does in most movie posters, and I noticed I’m doing a variation of the lean in most of these pictures. It’s the classic fashion blogger pose…Read More >

Shopping For: Tropical Prints That Don’t Look Totally Cheesy

Tropical Trend Spring 2014

Have you noticed there are a lot of tropical prints floating around in stores at the moment? The same thing happened last spring/summer, and the year before that, and both times I managed to avoid the trend completely…Read More >