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The £5.99 Drugstore Purchase That Perks Up Fine Hair

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have very fine hair. And over the years I’ve tried lots of tricks to make it appear thicker. Some methods have been quite successful, others less so. But the one thing that’s almost impossible to do is get a noticeable lift at the roots. And, let’s be honest, that’s what all fine-haired girls desire… read more >

5 Ways to Make Fine Hair Look Thicker

It’s unfortunate that as human beings we’re hardwired to always want what we don’t have. Especially when it comes to physical features. I wish my hair wasn’t so fine, but I’ve learnt how to create the illusion of thickness… read more >

The Styling Tools and Hair Products I Couldn’t Live Without

Okay, so this post title is a little over dramatic, and of course I would be able to live without these 9 styling tools and hair care products. But, the important thing is, I wouldn’t choose to live without them… read more >

How to Plan a Dramatic Hair Colour Change

Are you thinking about making a dramatic colour change this season? Perhaps you’re tempted to go for bold ebony locks or try out a rich auburn shade. Well, whatever you decide, there are a few things you need to consider before making a big change… read more >