How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

“How often do you wash your hair?” is a pretty personal question and not something that comes up in conversation that often (unless you’re a hairdresser, I suppose)…Read More >

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Where Do You Wear Your Parting?

Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen Hair Centre Parting

I’ve been suffering from writer’s block for the last couple of days and, according to Google, the solution is to “write about what you know”. Well, here’s what I know… I recently moved my parting from the centre to the side and the effects have been pretty surprising…Read More >

Kate Mara: The Mid-Length Hair Pin-Up

Kate Mara Hair

Following on from last week’s post about my new mid-length haircut and failed dreams of long, Elle Macpherson waves, I wanted to introduce you to my new hair pin-up: Kate Mara…Read More >

Newsflash: I Had a Haircut

Shoulder Length Hair

In an ideal world my hair would look like Elle Macpherson’s, with honey highlights and long, beachy waves. But, unfortunately, my hair is so fine that once it grows past my shoulders it starts to look flat, lank and unhealthy…Read More >

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Beauty Boost: This Hair Dryer Will Change Your Life

Errol Douglas Infa-red Pro Dryer Boots

OK, this headline is slightly over-the-top. A hair dryer can’t really change your life. But the Errol Douglas Infa-red Pro Dryer comes pretty close…Read More >

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How to Create Big, Bouncy Party Hair Using BaByliss Rollers

BaByliss Rollers Ella Gregory Coco's Tea Party

Fitting perfectly into this week’s party theme is my latest ‘Get the Look’ video with BaByliss. It’s a supersized Christmas edition, with not one but two fabulous looks for party season. First, hair stylist Beverly C showed me how to create easy volume using BaByliss rollers, and then she took the lookRead More >

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