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Weekly Wish List | A Touch of Pink

Some style buys that don’t initially look like they would become wardrobe staples, but once you add them to your weekly outfit rotation you realise they make so much sense. And pink blazers are one such item. On first glance you might write them off as a “statement piece”, but they’re surprisingly versatile… read more >

Weekly Wish List | The Topshop Renaissance

I don’t know about you, but over the last two or three years I haven’t really given Topshop a great deal of attention. It was my favourite place to shop as a teenager (many Saturday afternoons were spent in the Oxford Circus store), but at some point their design direction stopped resonating with my personal style… read more >

The High Street Pre-Fall 2017 Heroes to Fall in Love With

Truly, I feel like I’m now so out of the loop when it comes to designer fashion. I honestly wouldn’t be able to recognise a single piece from the Pre-Fall 2017 collections, and would likely have even worse luck with the actual Autumn/Winter lines. I stopped paying attention around the time it became acceptable to charge £325 for a pair of socks… read more >

Weekly Wish List | Autumnal Knits and Statement Shoes

In the last month or so I have developed an unhealthy addiction to pointed-toe flats. Every week I spot another pair that I absolutely “need to own”. Yet I don’t have a single inch of closet space left. It’s become quite the first world problem… read more >