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Crossing Over Into Winter

During my last brainstorming session I had a lightbulb moment - what the blog has been lacking all these years are photos of me... read more

The Smart Buy: Delicate Rainbow Earrings

Big statement jewels suddenly feel passé. It's all about's delicate pieces now... read more

Wednesday Wish List: The First Taste of Autumn/Winter

Get ready to do a happy dance, because it looks like the summer sales have finally ended. Which means we now have lots of... read more

My Style: The Silk Kimono Jacket

Shopping with friends can be dangerous. I usually shop online as a solo sport, but a couple of weeks ago... read more

Instant Outfit: How to Dress Like a World Cup Cutie

Okay, I know it’s not the right time to make this kind of confession, but I really really don’t like football. read more

My Style: Skipping Around Town in a Statement Shift Dress

You know you spend too much time on Pinterest when you start dressing like a flower meadow... read more