My Style: Returning to the Wild Side (Via Stiletto Heels)

Ella Gregory Coco's Tea Party J Brand Jeans

Do you have a signature style or something you’re known for wearing on repeat? At university mine used to be the YSL ‘Arty’ rings (this was just before everyone and their grandmother started wearing them). And once that phase was over and done with I moved on to animal print…Read More >

Shopping For: The Spring 2014 Sports Luxe Look

Sport Luxe Spring 2014

If you’ve been enjoying fashion’s nineties revival, chances are you’re also a fan of the sports luxe trend. Because the two go hand-in-hand… Read More >

Trend Driven: More Pre Fall 2014 Looks to Love

Chloe Tibi Pre Fall 2014

There’s a lot going on in fashion right now. The Golden Globes took place on Sunday, the SAG Awards are this weekend, the Spring 2014 Haute Couture collections show in Paris next week and New York Fashion Week officially kicks off in under a month. And there are the PreRead More >

8 New Season Handbags to Add to Your Wish Lists

Handbags Spring 2014

After a month of big spending January is hardly the appropriate time to start thinking about new season handbags. We should at least wait until February, when our bank balances have recovered a bit, right? Well, that would be the sensible option. But there are so many gorgeous bags inRead More >

Shopping For: A Fashion-Focused Hangover Disguise

Hangover Style

Now, I don’t really like the taste of alcohol, so I rarely drink. But hangover style is basically the same as jet lag style, so I just imagined I’d stepped off a 10-hour flight when putting this post together. The first step is hiding those tired eyes: use a cooling eye cream, hide any redness with a creamy nude pencil and, if all else failsRead More >