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Bitesized Beauty Review | Dior 5 Couleurs Designer

It’s not like I was in desperate need of another eyeshadow palette, but the new 5 Couleurs Designer compact has something that sets it apart from others… read more >

Cinderella, Dior and J.Lo Welcome the Return of the Ballgown

How J.Lo, Jennifer Lawrence and Cinderella have brought ballgowns back to fashion’s epicentre… read more >

Previewing the Dior Addict It-Lash Collection

Would you dare to wear hot pink eye liner? The Dior Beauty team convinced me to give it a go and here’s a look at the results… read more >

Inside the Dior Backstage Beauty Kit

Now this is what I call an amazing early birthday present! On Wednesday evening I arrived home after a long day to find the Dior Beauty Autumn/Winter 2014 ‘backstage box’ waiting for me. It was wrapped so beautifully that I thought twice about opening it, but curiosity quickly got the better of me and I dug in… read more >