Summer Style to Copy: Carrie Bradshaw’s Headscarf Obsession

Oh look, yet another Sex and the City post. What can I say? I just can’t help myself! Carrie Bradshaw is still a constant source of wardrobe inspiration for me, and never more so than in the summer. Almost all of the show’s seasons were set entirely in spring and summer, so Sarah Jessica Parker rocked a lot of vintage sundresses, cut-off shorts, embellished peasant blouses and full skirts. Costume designer, Patricia Field, also wasn’t afraid to complete a look with headpieces, and over the six seasons and two films Carrie wore everything from Baker Boy caps and straw fedoras to Princess Leia buns and cowboy hats. But the one style she favoured above all others was the headscarf…

Carrie Bradshaw Headscarf

Right now I’m in Italy, and made sure I packed a couple of silk scarves to fashion into headbands and bandanas. Thrift stores and independent boutiques always have the most unique designs, but if you’re looking for a quick online order I love this black floral headscarf from My Flash Trash and this watercolour print DVF scarf is great if you want something you can wear multiple ways.

Are you a fan of Carrie Bradshaw’s headscarf looks? Is this a trend you’ll be trying over the summer? Let me know…

Images from Pinterest (the best source for Carrie Bradshaw pictures)


  1. Lola says:

    I have always loved the way carrie wore her silk scarves around her hai and have attempted to do the same, i could never pull it off as a bandana though, just not cool enough x


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