3 Things You Need to Know About Damaged Hair

3 Ways to Care For Damaged Hair

Summer is my favourite season, without a shadow of a doubt, but it’s never that kind to my damaged hair. After contending with year-round heat styling and colour treatments it suddenly has to fight two new enemies – the sun and swimming pools – which leave it in a pretty sorry state.

So when I began working with Headmasters on our new 3 Things You Need to Know About… video series “caring for damaged hair” was the first topic I wanted to cover. I sat down in salon with Clare Hansford from the Headmasters Senior Art Team, who showed me how to keep my split ends and weakened roots in check. And her top tips are shared below in the short and snappy video.

And, to coincide with the summer Headmasters are offering all Coco’s Tea Party readers a FREE Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment. Your Headmasters expert will diagnose your hair and mix a bespoke treatment concentrating on your primary hair concerns, so you leave the salon with stronger, healthier and more manageable hair. Simply quote CocoTreat when booking your appointment to redeem your bespoke treatment. T&Cs apply, valid for over 16’s until 31st August 2015.

Are you constantly battling with damaged hair? How do you keep it under control?

{This post was sponsored by Headmasters, whose salons I love and visit every month for regular colour and cuts. Video by Greg Michael.}


  1. Itsallabout Sonia says:

    great tips my horse hair needs all the help it can get.

  2. Lola Byatt says:

    I’ve experimented with hair dye a few times (my hair is really dark so i couldn’t tell the difference) got it dyed in salon once! but i want to get it dyed more often and get something different done. always worried about damage. i don’t every blowdry/straighten so that’s one less problem but for some reason hair dye always puts me in a bit of a worry!! would you say so long as you’re conditioning it’s alright? like proper conditioning

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      Well my hair is naturally darkish brown and I went blonde over a period of time doing the “Me Day Monday” appointments at Headmasters (where a full head of highlights, cut and blow dry is reduced on a Monday).

      My hair isn’t too dry or damaged because I use a Kerastase shampoo and conditioner to strengthen it, but it would obviously be in slightly better condition if I didn’t colour it. I find that if I use good shampoo and conditioners, get a treatment every-other time I get my hair coloured and try not to use heated tools more than once a week it stays in pretty good shape.

      I think if you’re going to do a dramatic colour change it’s probably best to get it done professionally so the least amount of damage is caused. What colour are you thinking of going?

      • Lola Byatt says:

        thanks for your reply 🙂 I’m only going slightly lighter than my natural hair colour. my hair is practically black. Unfortunately no headmasters near me otherwise i would have taken advantage of the treatment and the me time mondays!! I will definitely go to a salon. I will look at the shampoo/conditioner you’ve recommended 🙂 your hair always looks lovely and full of health! XX

        • cocos_tea_party says:

          We also filmed a video about dramatic colour changes, so keep an eye out for that one as it might help too x

  3. Merlinda Little says:

    I so love Kerastase prods! I colored my hair and now its so dry looks like corn’s hair! But I try to use Kerastase too and I think its helping a lot!


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