The Fastest Way to a Good Hair Day? A Simple Bow Headband…

I wish I had a ribbon drawer like Monica in Friends. Because right now all I want to do is tie a girly pink ribbon in my hair. This sudden obsession with bows sprung from nowhere – it wasn’t exactly a big trend for Spring/Summer ’13, despite the bow hairbands in the Louis Vuitton show – but I’m smitten with the look. There’s something pleasingly retro about a bow headband, and they seem like the perfect solution for bad summer-hair-days. Especially as any hair-dummy can tie a bow. It’s probably the only hairstyle that requires no skill whatsoever (which appeals to me greatly).

Bow HeadbandBow-tastic: Mikael Schulz’s shoot for Tush magazine, Summer 2012

ASOS are really on it with their hair accessories this season, so if you like the look and want a ready-made headband make sure they’re your first port of call (this pink number is my personal favourite). But nothing beats a simple piece of silk ribbon tied around a ponytail or fashioned into an Alice band. I’ll be taking style pointers from the girls in bows below:

Bow HeadbandGirls in bows: Matilda, Blair Waldorf and Natalie Portman as Miss Dior

Are you also a fan of this hairstyle? Have you worn a bow headband so far this summer? Or are you tempted to now?

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