White Eyeliner: Would You Try It?

Black and White Eyeliner Lancome Lisa Eldridge

When it comes to eyeliner I’m pretty boring, sticking with two tried-and-tested looks: a flick of black Bobbi Brown gel liner, or a subtle dose of Charlotte Tilbury’s brown kohl pencil. I’ve never had the confidence to try anything more ambitious, but I really like the dramatic eye Lisa Eldridge recently created for Lancôme using black and white eyeliner. The look has a fun, swinging sixties vibe and would really liven up a little black dress for cocktail hour.

Lisa (who is creative director of makeup at Lancôme) created the monochromatic style for the Hypnôse Volume-à-porter campaign, and she shows us how to recreate the look in Lancôme’s black and white eyeliner tutorial video. 

The trick is to start with a thin line of Lancôme’s white Liner Plume, working from the inner corner outwards, and gently building up the intensity. Then allowing the white coat to dry properly before adding the winged effect in the outer corners of the eye with black Liner Plume. Lisa makes it look so simple, but this look is definitely built for those who are confident with a liquid liner pen, which sadly rules me out. (I managed to line my top lash line with white, which looked cool, but I couldn’t master Lisa’s monochromatic flick.)


Do you like Lisa Eldridge’s black and white eyeliner look? Is it something you would try for a night out?

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