9 of the Best High Street Coats

High Street Coats Ella Gregory

I genuinely believe that it’s almost impossible to own too many coats. After a while you’d completely run out of closet space, of course (my entire Autumn/Winter wardrobe is already squished between a generous selection of outerwear). But there are so my covetable styles of coats and jackets – all with a personality of their own – that’s it’s impossible to run out of choices.

You might be in the mood for a wool peacoat on Monday, a camo parka on Tuesday, a classic trench on Wednesday, a single-breasted overcoat on Thursday, and faux fur number on Friday… I could easily list another three weeks’ worth of coats (weekends included) without repeating a style – therefore proving my point that no outerwear edit is too varied.

How to Style a Trench Coat Winter

I’m Wearing: Hobbs trench coat c/o Lois Avery scarf c/o J.Crew bag

If you’ve already grown tired of your current coat selection, and are thinking of investing in a new style for 2017, here are some of the best designs the high street has to offer. I have my eye on Next’s pink fuzzy number and Jigsaw’s chic herringbone design. Which is your favourite?

9 of the best high street coats for winter 2017

Hush Bronte Coat
Best High Street Coats
Pink High Street Coats

High Street Coats 2017
Yellow Faux Fur Coat
Jigsaw Coat 2017

Camel Coat Winter 2017
Camo Coat Hush
Best High Street Coats Topshop

Which of these high street coats is your favourite? And does your outwear collection grow larger each winter? Leave a comment below to have your say…

Photos by Victoria Metaxas


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  2. I’m obsessed with a Hobbs trench coat which is perfect for winters. I wanted to buy the same for this winter fall. All coats are looking stylish and most effortlessly cozy pieces.


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