10 Berber Style and Patterned Rugs Under £250

Berber Style Rugs

A lot of things took me by surprise when I moved into my apartment. And one such shock was the cost of rugs. Holy guacamole they’re bloody expensive, aren’t they?!

I’ve long had a thing for patterned and berber style rugs. And I desperately wanted to be an original and not purchase the same Afaw La Redoute rug that every blogger and their grandma owns. However, there was no denying it: when it came to style, size, price and quality it was ticking all of the boxes. So I caved in and ordered the Afaw, and I haven’t regretted it for a single moment.

If you’re also a big fan of patterned and berber style rugs, and are looking for something special for your home, here are 10 of my current favourites. They’re all on the more affordable end of the spectrum – starting at £59.99 and sitting below £250. Which would you choose?

10 of the Best Berber Style Rugs

Best Patterned Rugs
Affordable Rugs

Patterned Rug Shopping Edit
Best Berber Rugs Affordable

Kilim Rug
Affordable Rug Edit

Berber Rugs Under £200
Vintage Rug Style

Berber Style Rugs La Redoute
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Which of these patterned and berber style rugs is your favourite? Leave a comment below to have your say…

Photo by Kylie Eyra

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  1. I like the cotton and poppy field rugs. But most of all I love your shoes omg where did you get them????
    Debs @ https://tiger-mint.com

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      They’re Boden, but from a year or two ago now. I saw some similar slippers at John Lewis a while ago though.


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