The Beauty Lowdown: LED Tweezers and Kate Moss’ New Lipstick

Looking for an exciting new beauty purchase? Here are four of the products currently on my radar, from Revlon’s cool LED technology tweezers to Kate Moss’ (rumoured) new lipstick purchase…

kate moss hourglass red lipstick led spotlight tweezers revlon

1. I’ve been given so much conflicting advice in the past about how to correctly wash my makeup brushes (e.g baby shampoo is good… baby shampoo is bad… try conditioner… basic soap and water will do…), so I was relieved to finally find a good solution: MAC’s brush cleaner (£9.50). It used to take me the best part of half an hour to get my makeup brushes clean, and now I only need to dedicate 5 minutes to the chore.

2. I haven’t tried Revlon’s spotlight tweezers with LED technology ($10.99), as they don’t appear to be available outside the USA yet, but I spotted them in Vanity Fair’s February issue and thought they looked interesting. It would be hard to separate me from my Tweezerman tweezers (they’re my favourites) but I’d happily give this Revlon invention a go.

3. This Hourglass coral red lipstick (£22) was presented to me with a snippet of fashion gossip: apparently Kate Moss was spotted buying the exact shade – “Muse” – at Liberty. If it’s good enough for Kate then it’s good enough for me, and the creamy, rich colour is perfect for recreating Prada’s bold Spring 2013 runway look.

4. Guerlain recently launched a their new mascara, Cils d’Enfer – Maxi Lash (£22). Before trying it I read some reviews online, which were all mixed in opinion. Personally I liked it. It creates long, curled lashes and uses adherent oils and supple waxes to thicken and condition. It’s scented, which is a bit strange and probably means you’ll either love it or hate it. But I think those who love it really love it. If you’re a mascarra junkie I recommend giving it a go!