Are You Ready to Wear Bag Charms Again?

Bag Charms Marissa Cooper The O.C

The last time I wore a bag charm Marissa Cooper from The O.C was my style icon and a quilted Paul’s Boutique duffle was my handbag of choice (it came with a selection of charms attached – score!). That was about 10 years ago, and I foolishly believed the bag charm chapter of my life was closed for good. Well, I was wrong. The look is creeping back into fashion, and I expect the trend will have gone colossal by the height of summer.

Sophie Hulme Bag Charm

It all started with the luxury fashion houses – see Fendi’s furry monsters – who realised they could produce super-Instagramable products at a low cost and market them for a relatively affordable price (by “affordable” I mean £40-£375). You may not be able to afford a Fendi handbag, but the Fendi bag charm is somewhat in reach. So now they’re all at it: Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, Sophie Hulme, Chloé, 3.1 Phillip Lim… 

And, naturally, where these luxury brands go the high street follow. At the moment there’s not a single fashioned-up key chain on available ASOS, but I guarantee it’s just a matter of time. But if you can’t wait for the bargainalicious copycat designs here are some of the best high fashion bag charms on the market this season…

Bag Charm Key Fob MCM Mulberry Fendi Sophie Hulme

1. Mulberry | 2. Sophie Hulme | 3. Fendi | 4. Chloé | 5. MCM | 6. Sophie Hulme

How cute is the MCM zebra???

If I do start adorning my handbags once again I’ll definitely stick to one charm at a time, as the piled on look that I favoured in my O.C-loving days definitely feels dated. Are you pleased to see bag charms are back in fashion? Which designs are your favourites?

Second photo: Sophie Hulme AW14. The O.C image:
  • ahhh Coop! the pic of marissa cooper makes me wanna watch the oc again, i’m gonna definitely get my boxset back off my brother, i bet it’ll make me wanna attempt the boho look again too! i love the furry keychains, i am a marketers dream, total sucker for these cutsies! x

    • cocos_tea_party

      I looked through loads of screen grabs from The O.C the other day, and Marissa’s style was not as hot as I remember hahaha

      • haha i know what you mean, think i liked her style in season 3 the best! xx

        • cocos_tea_party