The 2014 BAFTA Awards Best Dressed

BAFTA Awards 2014 Best Dressed

You could feel a buzz of excitement in London yesterday. It was almost as if every single person on the streets knew the BAFTAs were coming to town. When I walked through Covent Garden in the morning there were TV trucks parked everywhere, preparing for the red carpet, and on the London Fashion Week circuit there was talk all day about which A-list celebrities might be in town for the awards.

I was a little disappointed not to see Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Lawrence, but overall the red carpet was spectacular. And – although it’s been delayed because of London Fashion Week – here is my BAFTA Awards 2014 Best Dressed list…

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie BAFTAs 2014

Angelina Jolie in Saint Laurent: There aren’t may women who could pull off this kind of look at such a formal affair. But then Angelina Jolie is just anyone, is she? I wasn’t even expecting to see Brad and Ange on the red carpet last night, so the actress could have worn a potato sack and I still would have been thrilled to see her. So this look was basically the cherry on top of the cake.

Lupita Nyong’o Christian Dior BAFTA Awards

Lupita Nyong’o in Christian Dior: Jennifer Lawrence didn’t attend the BAFTAs (I get the impression she’s trying to keep a low profile at the moment to avoid overexposure and a public backlash) so Lupita Nyong’o had her pick of Dior dresses. And ironically I actually think she looks much better in the brand than J.Law. Everything is working for me here – from the colour and the dramatic train to the cuffs and matching belt. Is there a single Best Dressed list Lupita hasn’t topped this Awards Season?!

Uma Thurman BAFTA Awards 2014 Versace

Uma Thurman in Atelier Versace: OK, so usually I’d grumble about a black column dress on the red carpet. But Uma Thurman took this minimalist design and gave it some serious va-va-voom. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the most low-key looks are most beautiful. Do you agree, or did this Versace dress leave you feeling underwhelmed?

Were you impressed with the red carpet looks at the 2014 BAFTA Awards? Who was your Best Dressed of the night?

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  • brad and ange just looked amazing, they made the baftas for me. i think i just lost my train of thoguhts after i saw them

  • Reina

    Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t in attendance because she is currently filming some re-shoots of X-men in Montreal.