Shopping at the Anya Hindmarch Mini-Mart

Anya Hindmarch Mini-Mart

Is Anya Hindmarch the most creative and imaginative person working in the British fashion industry today? I think so. Her latest brainwave has resulted in the Anya Hindmarch Mini-Mart on Mount Street, which houses the now-infamous AW14 ‘Counter Culture’ collection.

The Mini-Mart is decked out like a supermarket, with shopping trolleys, baskets filled to the brim with chocolate digestives and cereal boxes clutch bags. The star of the collection is the Tony the Tiger handbag, which already has a waiting list and is expected to sell out immediately when it officially goes on sale later this month. So naturally it gets the VIP treatment, and is displayed on top of a special rotating golden trolley. Take a look…

Anya Hindmarch Mini-Mart Mount Street
Anya Hindmarch Tony the Tiger
Anya Hindmarch Frosties
Anya Hindmarch Mount Street
Anya Hindmarch Mini Mart
Anya Hindmarch Ginger Nuts
Anya Hindmarch Custurd Cream
Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet
Anya Hindmarch Digestives
Anya Hindmarch Mini-Mart Mount Street

Handbags aside, the very best thing about the mini-mart on Mount Street is the frozen yogurt machine. You can get a complimentary scoop, complete with Anya Hindmarch sprinkles or a 99 Flake. So now there’s really no excuse not to visit! It’s open until September, 10.30am – 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

Anya Hindmarch Mini-Mart. 99 Mount Street, London. W1K 2TF. 

Photos taken using the Olympus Pen E-P5. Coco’s Tea Party is a UK ambassador for Olympus.

  • it’s funny how supermarkets are playing such a big thing in fashion lately, i was looking at Kristen Stewart’s Elle pics and was making jokes with my sister how we should so go to sainsburys and take a pic in the veg aisle.

    this place would be my sisters absolute dream, she is obsessed with all of the above biscuits and has the biscuit pillows and pictures in her room, it’s a shame she’ll never own a custard cream bag, she has been in love with it since she saw it. will definitely try and check this out though, it looks sooo cute and i agree, she is so creative! xx

  • The Very Simon G

    I went in there last week, MESMERISED!!! What an amazing pop up! Wanted everyyyyything!

  • model blog

    I love it!


  • Kiri Cragin Folwell

    How have I not heard of this? Going to go tomorrow to check it out. Thanks for sharing – it looks incredible!

  • This shop looks amazing! Love the irony and tonue in cheek approach!
    Very creative and the bags look fun too!