Alexa Chung and Scarlett Johansson Wear Halo Braids

I’ve always been deeply unadventurous when it comes to my hair. The most daring I’ve been in recent months was asking my hairdresser for a Sienna-Miller-in-Alfie style fringe, which went so horribly wrong I have to clip it back everyday until it grows out. Recently I’ve been tempted by Halo Braids, though. Scarlett Johansson wore one at The Avengers premiere in London, and Alexa Chung also sported the look at a Mulberry dinner in New York, over the weekend.

If you’re not blessed with long and lusciously thick hair fear not. You can get the look in seconds with the Hershesons Twisty braid, available at Simply tie your hair back and clip the ready made braid into place. Who doesn’t love red carpet worthy hair that takes less that a minute to style?

Are you a fan of Scarlett and Alexa’s Halo Braids? Who wears the hairstyle the best?

Images Getty/Mulberry and Jon Furniss