A Flower School Workshop With AERIN and Florist Jamie Aston

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At the beginning of the month Aerin Lauder introduced fragrances to her namesake cosmetics collection. The five AERIN perfumes were inspired by the seasons, and all have floral notes. There’s the fresh Gardenia Rattan and spring-like Lilac Path; the soft and chic Ikat Jasmine; and two rich winter scents, Evening Rose and Amber Musk. Aerin spent years developing each fragrance, so they had to be celebrated in style. Which is exactly what we did last week…

Instead of hosting a simple launch event, AERIN invited press to a flower arranging workshop with renowned London-based florist, Jamie Aston. We got to sample the new fragrances whilst learning how to create the perfect bouquet. Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon?

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Jamie’s Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Bouquet:

1. Always chose your ‘holding point’ first. That’s the part of the stem you hold whilst creating the arrangement and the area you tie with twine once finished. To create a tight/small bouquet always hold higher up the stems, and for a bigger bouquet your holding point should be lower down.

2. Create a spiral. All of the stems should go in the same direction, so place each new flower over the arrangement so that the stems twist around in a spiral effect. It’s hard to explain without a visual, so check this picture for a clearer idea of what I mean.

3. Turn the bouquet as you’re making it. This way you’ll avoid any gaps forming in the arrangement and you’ll create the perfect dome shape.


The AERIN fragrance collection is now available at Selfridges, Harrods, John Lewis and Saks Fifth Avenue. Bottles are £85 for 50ml and there’s also a miniature coffret [pictured above] featuring all five scents. It’s £70 and absolutely perfect if you’re indecisive. Evening Rose and Amber Musk are my two favourites, but I’d happily wear and each and every one of these perfumes. When you’ve had a chance to sample them all let me know which AERIN scents you like the best…

FYI: For more information on Jamie Aston’s Flower Workshops click HERE.

  • monicawelburn

    What a wonderful way to introduce new scents! Your arrangement looks beautiful Ella!!

    MB xx