7 Things To Do This Weekend: The Dungarees and Easter Egg Edition

Another week has gone by, but in the UK it still feels like we’re stuck in Narnia’s eternal winter. Where has spring gone?! If you’re facing yet another weekend spent indoors here are some stylish suggestions on how to spend your time. Why don’t you make some fresh guacamole, try on a pair of dungarees (they might look good) and telephone and old friend…

7 Things To Do This Weekend

1. Watch an Audrey Hepburn movie… After a long week there’s nothing better than an afternoon spent on the sofa in your PJs with a couple of DVDs. I haven’t watched an Audrey Hepburn movie in just over a year, so I’ll be pulling out my copy of Sabrina and Funny Face, this weekend. Which Audrey films are your favourites?

2. Phone an old friend… When was the last time you spoke to your old school/college friends? Text messages and Facebook chat are not the same, so pull out the address book and get dialling! An hour spent on the phone, gossiping about shared memories and embarrassing old crushes is seriously mood lifting.

3. Try on a pair of dungarees… Sounds like an unappealing idea, right? But dungarees are a hot look for S/S 2013 and on certain women they look amazing. So it’s definitely worth giving them a go. 3.1 Phillip Lim showed a gorgeous pair of hot pink suede dungarees, this season, and on the highstreet ASOS and Topshop are loving the look. Give it a go!

4. Spring clean your makeup… If you’re a bit of a makeup hoarder, like me, find some time to have a spring clean, this weekend. Whilst searching through my beauty collection I discovered loads of forgotten, grubby and mostly out-of-date products lurking at the back of my makeup drawer. Get rid of all your unnecessary products, organise what you do keep (Ikea do great storage boxes) and you might even have room for a new lipstick purchase…

5. Make fresh guacamole… I’ve always wanted to learn how to make amazing guacamole, and I stumbled upon this simple recipe whilst browsing the food section on Pinterest. If it tastes half as good as the image looks then it’s sure to be a winner. Perfect your avocado-mashing skills this weekend, and then you can whip up a dish anytime someone has a party. People that make brilliant guacamole are ridiculously popular – it’s just fact!

6. Visit the Victoria Beckham Denim installation… This weekend the new Victoria Beckham Denim collection arrives at The Shop at Bluebird, and to celebrate the boutique has put together a Victoria Beckham Installation. On display you’ll find artwork and furniture created using the VB Denim fabrics and the latest denim collection will be available to shop as well. Check it out if you’re passing by Kings Road over the weekend.

7. Go Easter Egg shopping… I’m obsessed with chocolate. Honestly, I just can’t get enough of it! And with Easter just a week away I’ve been spending a dangerous amount of time on the Hotel Chocolat website. Their giant Easter Eggs are so chocolatey that you break them in half and there’s more chocolate inside! So dreamy… Order yours this weekend and try not to break into it before March 31st!

  • Breakfast at tiffany’s was on the other day and i couldn’t help but watch it again! but reallllly wannna watch funny face again, i sometimes youtube the dance scene just to put a smile on my face. xx

  • This is a cool idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favorite Hepburn movies are Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but my all time favorite is Love in the Afternoon. I could watch that movie over and over.

    • Ella Gregory

      I haven’t seen Love in the Afternoon. I’ll add it to my must-watch list.