How to Add More Bounce to Your Mornings

Tips for a Productive Morning

I’ve always been a morning person and am most productive between the hours of 7am and 12 noon. However, after a long winter of cold, dark mornings I’ve got into the habit of hitting the snooze button on my alarm. But with spring just around the corner it’s time to get back into an energised routine; and here are my top tips for a productive morning…


Okay, so you probably only have 10 minutes to get showered and dressed in the morning, but you can still make it an indulgent experience. Swap your run-of-the-mill shower gel for a scented oil (L’Occitane’s almond shower oil is a personal favourite) and create an at-home spa experience. It’s a great time saving trick too, as your skin will feel super-smooth afterwards so you won’t need to faff around with body lotion.


I rarely have an outfit laid out and ready to go when I wake up in the morning. But on those sporadic occasions when I have selected something in advance it saves a ridiculous amount of time (and makes me feel like a super-organised badass). So I’m trying to get into the pre-planning habit. But even if that fails, it’s great to have a handful of tried-and-tested outfit combinations on standby.

Tips for a productive morning
Porridge Berries and Almond Butter


Nothing puts a spring in my step quite like a good breakfast. And I’m trying to be a bit more experimental at the moment, because I’d been stuck in a muesli rut for far too long. Porridge topped with berries and almond butter or sliced pear and agave syrup are two new favourites. And you can’t beat the classic combination of scrambled eggs with spinach!

The Lively Show


It’s so easy to spend your entire morning commute listening to Taylor Swift whilst mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, but this time could be put to better use. So try swapping the 1989 album for a podcast or audiobook. I’m currently addicted to The Lively Show podcast (it’s so inspiring), and also recommend Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance, which is available as an audiobook.


As soon as I sit down at my desk in the morning I write a to-do list for the day, placing the most important tasks at the top to make sure they’re my top priorities. Once everything is down on paper I feel like I have more control over the day, and I’m ready to kick ass. (If organisation is something you struggle with check out the Productivity Planner, which gives you the tools to prioritise important tasks and manage your workload.)

What are your tips for getting the day off to a good start? 

Style Credits: Pyjamas c/o ASCENO | Coffee mug via Anthropologie

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  • I am really enjoying reading Aziz Ansari’s book right now and you’re so right about audiobooks, I tend to rely on podcasts but I reckon I might venture into world of audiobooks now, I feel like I am cheating on actual books though, having recently just purchased a kindle…question, does it still count as reading?! it’s also a good thing to do if people have gym workouts in the morning, can be doubly productive

    • cocos_tea_party

      Well I don’t consider audiobooks “reading” but I would happily listen to books like Aziz’s that will feel a bit more like a podcast anyway. I also just started using a Kindle and definitely count that as reading a book – but it still feels a bit unnatural. I like that it doesn’t take up any space though!

  • Thank you so much for sharing + including The Lively Show!! : )